Introduction To ZoraHMS

ZoraHMS from Zora communications Limited offers a unique solution, which fits into all kinds of hardware platform including a mobile phone. Our web based hospital management software is a patient-centric mechanism that has exceptional capability of handling outpatients, inpatients, emergencies and other cases. We aimed at offering fully configured web based healthcare solution enabled with mobile friendly features & characteristics. With the assistance of healthcare intelligence system, hospitals, clinics, and […]

8 Trending Technology You Need To Embrace

Information technology has registered a handsome growth in the past few years. This is a dynamic sector, as technology keeps on evolving. One needs to catch up with the latest to keep themselves updated with the sector. Here is a list of top eight technologies one needs to be aware of:   Software-as-a-service: This is one of the latest technologies. It helps in hosting software on a central cloud making […]

8 Ways to Be More Open to Learning New Technology

Whether you’ve stopped keeping current or you’ve just never been particularly interested in technology until now, if you’ve decided that the time has come to embrace the constant upgrades and keep up with friends living afar by internet, then you’ll be glad to know it’s always possible to learn new technology. All it takes is openness to the experience and willingness to spend a little time learning. Think about learning […]

5 Technology Tools to Help You Stay Competitive in Business.

In these era of revolutionize technology, businesses are thinking ahead to what available tools that will turn the wheels of fortune for the companies. Therefore, it is vital that you understand and harness the use of  advanced technologies, as it helps your business compete and stay ahead  of the pack. Here are 5 technology tools that can propel your business efficiency, improve productivity and increase customer base. #1. Planning software […]

Is Cloud Solution the Next Big Thing?

Why move to the cloud? Despite prophecies from naysayers, there exist numerous reason why cloud computing makes good business sense and increases efficiency. According to Wikipedia’s definition, cloud computing “is a kind of internet-based computing,  where shared resources, data and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand”. While the idea may seem a little technical and hard to grasp, it helps SME’s save more to store and process […]

We’re Here For You

Visit Zoracom at SME and Franchising Nigeria Exhibition. Booth: BO2 Venue: Eko International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. Date: December 2-3 2015. And find the opportunity to meet face-to-face with our team of experts, and learn in details of our product and services; Managed Services Provider for Network, VoIP & IT Infrastructure. Telecom Infrastructure & Structured Cabling. Radio Frequency Tuning Optimization (2G, 3G, LTE) IP Video Surveillance Solutions Cloud and Mobile […]

6 Ways on How to Become Mentally Flexible.

Imagine worrying about direct and indirect things like; weather, sickness, people’s reaction, seasons, day and night, colours. Usually we think of flexibility as being something that is achieved on the physical level alone. There is something however, to be said about living a flexible life.What’s in our control is our response and actions and that is the key to become mentally flexible. These 6 tips will enhance your mental and […]

4 Benefit of IT Consultancy to Your Business

It is absolutely critical that businesses achieve success. One of the means business can achieve success is by consulting the appropriate IT professionals. Unfortunately, an aura of mystery surrounds the concept of IT consulting. It’s misunderstood as a waste of resources, or something clueless businesses indulge in. In reality, to remain dedicated and competitive, businesses need to have I.T systems support that will help with their business goals. The major […]

6 Social Media Tips to Help You Stand Out

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives and business, and has continue to evolve. Therefore, it’s not easy to stand out amidst tons of millions of post across various social media platforms, especially as social media networks continue to grow. Businesses are leveraging on its rapid-growing explosion, and if your business is ready to take the plunge to invest on social media, you should make sure it’s […]