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Introduction To ZoraHUT

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ZoraHut is an online hotel manager that caters for the needs and functions of a hotel. It is flexible and makes it easy to organise your business, save time and acquire more clients.

It takes away the pain of multi vendor integration and offers the convenience of a simple help desk that responds to all your technical support.

Benefits of ZoraHut

ZoraHut brings great benefits to hotel management such as:

• Online based with access from computers, tablets and smart
• Configurable number and characteristics of rooms
• Automatic assignment of rules with use defined rules.
• Customized documents for receipts, invoices, emails, forms etc.
• Multi user with privileged system.
• Point of sale (POS) for bars and restaurants with inventory
• Real time reports.
• Up-sell services.
• In depth analysis.
• Yield management.

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