CSEAN Recognizes Zoracom’s Exceptional Contribution to Cybersecurity: Sponsorship Award 2023

In an era marked by the ever-increasing threats in cyberspace, the role of cybersecurity experts and organizations cannot be overstated.

The Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) stands as a beacon of excellence, working tirelessly to enhance cybersecurity awareness and promote best practices, they have recently honored Zoracom, a prominent player in the cybersecurity industry, with a prestigious sponsorship award.

Zoracom, a trailblazer in the realm of cybersecurity, has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise and innovation.

The CSEAN Sponsorship Award stands as a testament to Zoracom’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity. This recognizes our significant impact on the landscape of digital security, acknowledging our role in shaping a safer and more secure online environment for businesses.

Our representatives, Mrs. Mercy Etieyibo, Mr. Bakare Emmanuel and Mrs. Ijeoma Odili, had a fantastic time at the Conference, where they had the incredible opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge solutions to industry leaders and enthusiasts and they also expressed their gratitude for the recognition of Excellence.

The award not only celebrates past achievements but also serves as a motivation for Zoracom to continue its groundbreaking work in the cybersecurity domain. Zoracom will continue pushing boundaries, expanding the realm of possibility, and leaving a lasting mark on the tech industry.

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