Zoracom: Shaping the Digital Future: Exhibitor and Speaker at the Nigeria Digital International Conference 2023

Zoracom, known for its cutting-edge solutions and transformative digital technologies, stood tall among the exhibitors at the Nigeria Digital International Conference 2023.

The Conference provides a platform for the congregation of start-ups with incredible innovation, renowned speakers, and technology enthusiasts across the globe that promises to change the narrative of the digital economy landscape in Nigeria.

Theme: Harnessing Digital Technology for Job Creation, Inclusive Economic Growth, and Sustainability.

Beyond our role as exhibitors, we took the stage as keynote speakers to drive innovation and digital transformation.The speaker, Mr. Bakare Emmanuel (Lead Cyber Security & SOC) eloquently shared insights on Cyber Security and Government: Safeguarding Public Services in the Digital Era. Sharing the aim of Zoracom to develop proprietary solutions to help tackle cyber security issues that are hampering and challenging the Nigerian market and the African market as a whole.

The invaluable insights not only inspired conference attendees but also significantly contributed to shaping the future of technology in Nigeria.

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